Historic Photography Remixed

Our clients at Portland-based design firm, Vida Design, approached us with a request to print historic Seattle photography at 22 feet wide on wall covering for the corridors of the Seattle apartment building, Alley 24. Our team knew this would be a challenge given our experience sourcing images from historical archives and the notoriously small file sizes of this type of content. 

In order to offer the best solution to the design team, we enlisted the help of talented artist Katie Todaro. Katie developed a mockup to demonstrate her proposed technique to the client and once the commission was approved, created this series of digital collages incorporating historic and contemporary images to tell the story of Seattle’s distinct neighborhoods. 

Grand Image printed these dynamic images on durable type II vinyl wall covering and coordinated the install for a one-stop solution to make these corridors really stand out and tell the story of Seattle’s rich neighborhood history. Not only are the images striking at first view, but also offer endless opportunities for the residents in the building to discover new and surprising details in the murals throughout their tenancy.