Viceroy’s new Hotel Zeppelin in San Francisco held its grand opening this month. The groovy, psychedelic narrative of Hotel Zeppelin is perfect for guests looking to stay in a boutique hotel with personality and style. Seattle design firm Dawson Design Associates brought to life this energetic, bohemian space to compliment the city’s past and present culture. Grand Image is thrilled to compliment DDA's guestroom suite designs and public spaces with an art collection featuring one of a kind originals as well as reproductions with custom finishes. Continue reading to learn more about Hotel Zeppelin and our approach to this lively hospitality space. 

Click here to visit the Hotel Zeppelin website.

Grand Image commissioned New York-based artist Ryan Garvey to create a 50’ long wood collage of the San Francisco skyline made from reclaimed wood in the hotel’s game room amenity space. 

Working with Grand Image to execute a custom art piece provides a collaborative approval process including composition mock-ups and finish samples to ensure that the final commission is successful. Our team put together a creative brief for the artist and design team to communicate the concept and expectations. Garvey then submitted an elevation of the proposed skyline, as well as, examples of the wood scrap elements so the design team could provide their feedback prior to the execution of the final piece. Once the collage was complete, photos were provided to the client for final sign off before shipping the piece to San Francisco for installation. 



Inspired by the deluge of media, visual patterns, and detritus that emerges from daily city life, Ryan Garvey’s work captures the fast-paced intensity of the urban experience. Created with found materials, the formal elements are informed by the artifacts themselves, blurring the lines between the medium and subject matter itself.

Click here to see Garvey's work in the Grand Image Limited Edition collection.
These vibrant, energetic pieces are made from collaged balloons collected by the artist from the streets of New York.



Grand Image studio artist Kyle Goderwis’ spin art series was the perfect complement to the trippy Hotel Zeppelin guestroom and suite experience. Goderwis fabricated a custom build, employing the use of a re-purposed bucket and drill, to create these simple yet dynamic pieces. To add an element of drama and differentiate the final pieces from traditional framed art, we finished these pieces by mounting the prints to wood boxes and coating them in resin. The final result is a saturated and glossy artwork with a unique one of a kind high-end feel. 


A closer look at the resin coating finish. This technique is available for guestroom price points, as well as, for single quantity projects. Contact for more information!