Our Boston office has officially been up and running as of September 2017. We are excited to be in such close proximity to many of our existing clients and projects, and look forward to meeting new partners, working on new projects and continuing to provide great service and to create compelling art packages across the Northeast. 



Annie Murawski, the Vermonter

A Vermonter through and through, Annie graduated from UVM with a degree in art history and studio art. She then moved to Boston where she spent six years working in the art gallery scene before starting with Grand Image as a project manager. Annie enjoys spending her summer weekends on Martha’s Vineyard.


Vanessa Vaughan, the West Coaster

Vanessa was born and raised in Seattle, WA and recently made the move to Boston to open Grand Image Northeast after spending 8 years at Grand Image’s headquarters in Seattle. She attended college in Vancouver, BC, graduating with a degree in art history and visual theory, and is currently Grand Image’s lead art consultant. Vanessa is looking forward to her first summer in New England.


Gabriella Levy, the New Yorker

Gabriella is a native New Yorker who now calls Boston home. After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in business management and studio art, she started her own creative business, immerLit, a porcelain design studio focused on creating one of a kind lighting fixtures. Gabriella started with Grand Image as a project manager at the end of 2017.